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Brainy Bytes has been introducing kids ages 5 and up to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) since 2010...
now it's your turn with Brainy Bytes nationwide licensing opportunity!

Brainy Bytes was born out of a passion to provide children with fun and exciting ways to learn, create and invent in the world of technology. In 2018, after 8 years of serving our local community, we turned our focus to providing a sound, proven and replicable business structure. It is our desire to encourage other business-minded individuals with that same passion by providing them the ability and guidance to bring Brainy Bytes to their community.

Become a Brainy Bytes licensee and provide the children in your area a head start on their future with unique and proven programs, while your business grows with the support of an experienced staff of developers aimed to keep you ahead of new industry trends.

After School Progams
Home School Classes

After School & Home School Programs

Our after-school and homes-school classes will ignite a passion for STEM that will last a lifetime.  With over a dozen programs and STEM classes for ages 5 and up in robotics, programming, movie making, game creation, 3D creation and are sure to have the perfect course for your community's needs.  These fun and innovative programs can't be found anywhere else.



Invite kids 5 and up to explore the world of STEM with summer or year-round camps including Robotics, Game and Movie Creations, Coding, Minecraft, 3D creation and more. More than just fun, these camps aim to build skills, confidence and friendships through problem solving, critical thinking and team collaboration.

Parties & Special Events

Parties and Special Events

Our programs are not limited to classes and camps! Utilize our STEM based party & event plans for birthday parties, in-house field trips and group events. With unique and engaging themes to choose from, you can tailor an event to fit exactly what you customer needs.

Geared Towards Success


Multiple Streams of Revenue

With classes, camps, parties and more to offer your community, you will experience exceptional growth potential through multiple revenue streams.  Each one is created to effortlessly feed into the other.


Unique and Innovative Programs

We know how important it is to offer a product that sets you apart and is relevant to the ever-changing world of STEM education.  That is why you will receive constant program support and new courses seasonally.


Flexibility to fit your Goals

Our low start-up cost, combined with our "demand-free" approach, gives you more freedom to work your business in a way that fits your goals and lifestyle.  We can help you create a plan that is just right ... FOR YOU.

Advantages of Licensing

Why we chose to license vs franchise and how it benefits you

Lower startup cost. The exorbitant fees of most franchise opportunities can be daunting and make business ownership impossible for some.

Same commitment and support at a fraction of the price. As a licensee, you will enjoy the benefits of a seasoned and dedicated staff with years of experience in our industry. We are just as focused on your growth as those companies; we just don't believe you should pay an arm and leg to start your own business.

More flexibility over YOUR business. Unlike a franchise, we are committed to your success but we are not going to tell you how to run your business. When you take advantage of our nationwide licensing program, you are encouraged to grow in a way that best suits you and your community. Our "Start-Right" guide provides an optimum starting business platform which allows for upscaling as you grow.

Take a look at our nationwide licensing opportunity today. 

There is no better time than now

It is our desire to empower entrepreneurs that are eager to make a difference.  Become a licensee and change your future... while you encourage kids to plug into creativity, STEM and FUN.

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"This is so popular with kids these days and there are not enough programs available to fill this need.  I would encourage all of my child's friends to take these classes as well."  G.Rose - Woodstock, GA. Read More Reviews

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