Why License?

If you are considering franchising and are wondering what the benefits of licensing would be
instead...ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Does your definition of business ownership include the ability to decide how your business is run?
  2. Do you want to choose how your product/service is represented to and in your community?
  3. Do you want to avoid excessive start-up cost to experience a quicker ROI?
If you answered yes to any of these, then licensing, (not franchising), is for you!

Advantages of Licensing:

  • Lower startup cost. The exorbitant fees of most franchise opportunities can be daunting and make business ownership impossible for some. Realizing this, we offer start-up fees that make business ownership attainable for many rather than few.
  • Same commitment and support. You will enjoy the benefits of a seasoned and dedicated staff whose number one focus is your growth... now and in the future.
  • More flexibility over YOUR business. Unlike a franchise, we are committed to your success but we are not going to tell you how to run your business. Instead, you are encouraged to grow in a way that best suits you and your community.
  • Comprehensive training is available... on your terms. We know people with all levels of experience look to start a business. Some will need all-inclusive guidance and training; others will be ready to go on their own. Consequently, we do not think training should be a required part of your business package (and ultimately raising the cost of your startup). We encourage you to take advantage of one of the extensive training programs made available to you when you join Brainy Bytes.  Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the support that is right for you and is unique to your new industry.
Advantages of licensing vs franchising

Consider these pointers when comparing franchise and license opportunities

Franchise Pros & Cons

• Exclusive and restrictive

• Expensive to start and run

• Proven system

• Ongoing support

• Can be sold

License Pros & Cons

Inclusive and non-restrictive (you can use along side other programs* and are free to run your business your way)

• Inexpensive to start and run

• Proven system

• Ongoing support

• Your business can be sold with the license, but the license cannot on its own.


*those programs deemed non-competitive as set forth in contract

What you should look for

• A worthwhile system

• Current material with continual updates

• Sensible fees

• Support of a quality team

• No hidden fees or charges

• Transparency

Tech gives the quietest student a voice.

Jerry Blumengarten

Why pay more?

Brainy Bytes is committed to providing the best opportunity for business ownership in our industry at a reasonable and fair investment to the business owner.