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Brainy Bytes understands the importance of cultivating students’ Science, Technology, Engineering, Art  and Math (STEM & STEAM) skills to encourage higher achievements in school, career and life.  We know educators want to help prepare every student for a successful future in a technology-driven world.

  • Acquire STEM (STEAM) knowledge while using critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, ingenuity, and communication skills to solve real life issues.
  • All our cross-curricular courses are aligned with education standards so students will appreciate that technology is a vital tool in almost all aspects of learning... and life.
  • Learn valuable technology skills they can carry with them throughout their academic career and encourage future learning.

Why Plug Brainy Bytes In at Your School

Brainy Bytes is the provider of choice for high-quality technology education since 2010.  We are dedicated to developing a curriculum that not only teaches technology skills, and critical thinking, but promotes creativity and self-esteem as well.

All of our courses are unique to Brainy Bytes, allowing us to easily tailor them to meet your needs and ensure your students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom. Our instructors create an environment where kids are encouraged to interact, create and have fun while learning new and useful life skills.

Why Educators Choose Brainy Bytes

  • We ARE technology. At the core of all our courses is a technology-driven curriculum.
  • One-of-a-kind lesson plans! We don’t use computer-based tutorials or out-of-the-box lesson plans: our camps, classes and workshops are unique and customized.
  • We provide hands-on active learning experiences where students have the opportunity to work both independently and together in groups.
  • Our classes are focused around project-based exploration that allows for creativity and encourages self-paced ingenuity.
  • We employ experienced, highly skilled and background checked staff. Their goal is to enthusiastically introduce your students to technology in a fun and nurturing environment.
  • We're flexible, we will bring our programs to you whenever it is convenient for your school.
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Are Your Students Being Challenged?

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