Grades 6 & Up


**New for fall 2019**
Offered In Two Grade Ranges: 3-5 And 6+

Game Creation 101

Why just play video games when you can learn to code your own?! Using Scratch 3, you will learn how to create your very own games from beginning to end. Learn essential programming terminology and skills as you build multiple games with varying play styles. Students will receive a link to all the class creations at the end of the course so you can share your fun, one-of-a-kind games with your friends. You must have minimal experience using a computer to take this class. No programming experience required.

3d printer

3D Graphics & Printing

Learn how to design and print your own 3D models! In this class, we will introduce students to computer-aided design (CAD). This course will teach you how to design and create objects within the 3D software. Then, we will show you the steps needed to bring them to reality using a 3D printer. Find out how this advanced technology is improving production, and our world. Students will end the course with printed projects of their own to keep. Participants need to have excellent computer skills.


Minecraft Mod Design

Let's create our own world...within the world of Minecraft® that is. Design your creatures, blocks and any other item you can imagine. We will learn to code in JAVA that will allow us to create and control whole new worlds that we can share with our friends. You've been playing Minecraft for years, now it is time to take the next step while learning valuable programming tools you can apply anywhere. 

Participants must have their own PC Minecraft account login & password. (This is done through MOJANG and does cost an extra fee) 


3D Computer Animation

Create your own animated story while you learn basic Java programming concepts. We will teach you how to build your own animated world while introducing basic object-oriented programming terminology and concepts like algorithms, functions, and conditional statements. No previous experience required.

This class is great for anyone interested in art and computer animation. Students receive a link to all the class creations at the end of the course.


Offered In Two Grade Ranges: 3-5 And 6+

Graphic Design

Art and technology collide in this fun and imaginative course. Using GIMP software, you will learn how to put your creativity to use altering and enhancing photos/images, creating your own cards or website logos and so much more. During the semester students will use pictures, fonts, layers, and other customizable tools to experience first-hand the skills needed to master the art and technology of graphic design. Students will be able to take home printable versions of some of their creations to share with family & friends.


Offered In Two Grade Ranges: 3-5 And 6+

Stop-Motion Movie Making

Do you like The LEGO Movies? Want to learn how to make your own stop-motion film? This class is for you!! Using cameras, animation software, and video editing software, you will bring LEGOs to life creating multi-scene movies with transitions, titles, credits, sound effects, and narration. Students receive a link to all the class creations at the end of the course.

The stories are up to your imagination. With a huge assortment of sets to choose from, this course can be taken again and again with new creations every time!