Ages 5-8

engineering camp

Full Day Camp

**NEW** World of Jr Engineering

If your child loves to invent, program, or just see how things work, then this is the camp for them! We will introduce the world of engineering in our everyday lives. From mechanical and civil to environmental and electrical, each day will explore a different field of engineering. Campers will create in robotics, art, programming and more while learning how engineering is a vital part of their world and how they can make a difference.

After school classes

Full Day Camp

**NEW** Exploring Jr Creation

We have combined two of our favorite programs, Jr Coding and Comic Book Creation, into one amazing camp. Learn early coding skills while programming games, puzzles, interactive scene clips and more with tablet-based, drop-down programming. Use LEGOs and your imagination to create comic books with story visualizer software. Your campers will love exploring and creating in this hands-on/minds-on camp. No prior experience needed.


Full Day Camp

Exploring Jr Robotics

If your young children dream of creating and inventing with robotic systems like LEGOs and Ozobots then this is the camp for them!

JUST FOR SUMMER CAMPERS! Each day is a new adventure theme including Space, Dinosaurs, Shapes-n-Such, Medieval Times and Minecraft. We will use the new LEGO WeDo 2.0 systems to learn exciting and new ways to use Bluetooth technology to build and program machines! But that is just half the camp.... campers will learn programming and coding with the very tiny and very cool OZOBOTs.

Will your team be up to the challenge of inventing, programming and creating to achieve new tasks and missions every day?

STEM Program 4

1/2 Day Camp


Delve deeper into Robotics with the new LEGO® WeDo 2.0 system. Now we can utilize wireless programming to make our bots complete even bigger challenges. Each day is a new adventure theme including Space, Dinosaurs, Shapes-n-Such, Medieval Times and Minecraft.

This can be a great follow-up to Mini-RoboTech or a stand-alone introduction to robotics and programming. Offering the best of two worlds... BRICKS and CODE... this camp is perfect for the camper that loves building, engineering and technology.


1/2 Day Camp

Mini Coder

This action-packed camp is a great introduction into critical thinking and collaboration and is specifically tailored for our younger programmers. Explore the world of programming and creation with kid-friendly, tablet-based software. Play exciting code related activity games that will get you moving and thinking. Your camper will learn fundamental skills for programming that will last a lifetime.


1/2 Day Camp


Our 1/2 day Ozo-Tech camp is the Ozobot exploration part of the Exploring Jr. Robotics camp but with shorter days for those that don't want a full day camp.

Each day is a new adventure theme including Space, Dinosaurs, Shapes-n-Such, Medieval Times and Minecraft. This is a very creative and innovative introduction to programming and robotics with the coolest little robots in town. Ozobotics (as we like to call it) is a combination of creating and coding that can accomplish dozens of imaginative challenges. You will code with color and with programming to play games, challenge other teams in races and battles, along with so much more... all while learning important collaboration and thinking skills.