Ages 12 & Up

lego ev3 space camp

Full Day Camp

**NEW** Exploring Space with EV3

Explore space in a robotic adventure that brings real-world scenarios to life. Each daily mission challenges campers to apply and creatively adapt programming and problem solving skills to construct robots that solve actual space exploration challenges.. Work as a team to to investigate, observe, calculate, and apply knowledge to solve specific tasks. This is a perfect follow up to our Exploring Robotics Camp.

This camp is built upon the LEGO space projects that were co-developed with NASA.


Full Day Camp - Two Levels Offered For Ages 8-11 And 12 & Up

Game Overload **All NEW for 2019**

Get ready for a full week of game programming "overload." Starting from the very beginning, we will explore the basics such as creating sprites, objects, events and actions, health, gravity, designing your levels and more. Then go deeper into the platform game programming to take your game making to a new level.

NEW SKILLS include quest-based game creation, advanced sprite responsiveness, interactive environments, multi-weapon capabilities and more. This camp will provide hours of creative time for you to build exciting, professional looking games you can play with your friends. Students receive a link to all the class creations at the end of the course. You must have minimal experience using a computer to take this class.


Full Day Camp

Minecraft Mod Design

Let's create our own world....within the world of Minecraft that is. We will learn to code in JAVA Script that will allow us to alter and control the world within Minecraft. You've been playing Minecraft for years, now it is time to take the next step while learning valuable programming tools you can apply anywhere. At the end of camp, participants will revive a discount code with the opportunity to continue modding at home.

Campers must have their own PC Minecraft account login & password. (This is done through MOJANG and does cost an extra fee) Laptops not required, but campers may bring their own if they prefer - Windows 7 or newer, or Mac.


Full Day Camp - Two Levels Offered For Ages 8-11 And 12 & U

Exploring Drones

Take your programming to new heights... LITERALLY!

Learning to code has never been more fun! Using programmable drones, we will teach basic programming skills while taking on exciting challenges on the ground and in the air. Races, obstacle courses and daring rescues are just a few of the task you must program your drone to complete. This camp is for those that what to do more than just fly a drone...

Drones are property of Brainy Bytes and are for camp use only.

3d printer

Full Day Camp

Exploring 3D

Tired of the 2D world? Join us for a week of 3D creativity. We will explore the worlds of 3D animation and 3D graphics and printing. Learn how to create and animate your world with Alice 3.0 software. These skills can be used to make movies, games and more. Using SketchUp and 3D printing software, we will create our own objects and then bring them to reality. Find out the steps it takes to get your creation out of the computer and into your hands! Campers must have excellent computer skills. Campers will receive 3D printed creations and a link to animations.