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This one’s for the ladies!

women in small biz

This one is for the ladies!  As a female business owner, I know starting out on your own as an entrepreneur can seem like a daunting task. However, I didn’t let that stop me from launching one of the 11 million women-owned businesses currently in the US. What’s stopping you? In celebration of Women’s Small Business…

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VoyageATL Article on Brainy Bytes family


We are so excited about this article by VoyageATL. We love sharing our personal story and hope it offers encouragement to others considering starting a family owned business… small or large. VoyageATL Meet Ena Hackaday of Brainy Bytes

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Now is a great time to start your own Brainy Bytes

making the plan for Brainy Bytes.

NOW IS THE TIME… Our industry’s largest season is just around the corner! Which means, this is the ideal time to open a Brainy Bytes business and introduce the kids in your community to the world of STEM in a unique and fun way. Summer camps can bring in over 35% of yearly revenue and provide…

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How to get licensed for school programs


Are you ready to make your community stronger? Brainy Bytes is the perfect way to bring fun and exciting ways to learn technology to your local schools. Our course plans are unique and engaging, and specifically target critical thinking and group collaboration so that kids can learn how to be passionate about coding! We make…

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Find a Computer Camp in Atlanta

Looking for a fun, educational, character-building class for your child? You have come to the right place! Here at Brainy Bytes, we hold classes, parties, and computer camps in Atlanta for your children to plug into creativity. Our computer camp programs are for children to grow their talents in a fun, positive environment, where they…

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Computer Science Camps in Atlanta!

We currently live in the age of technological advancement. The progress we have made in the world of computer science has flourished in the recent decades and it will continue to grow and develop for years to come. Now is the time to invest in a career involving computers technology. Right now, Brainy Bytes is…

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We love the idea of you owning your own business!

Fun Business Opportunity Camps

We couldn’t agree more with this article! If you have thoughts of owning your own business, consider talking to us about our licensing opportunity. We can help you be your own boss and make an impact in your community. Start your Brainy Bytes business locally or even regionally…. it’s up to you and your dreams.…

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Brainy Bytes Launches New Site

Brainy Bites is very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! Finding positive-focused activities, that also help your child learn, is our passion. And we are delighted that our new site will both help parents, and ourselves, deliver the udication and fun your children need. in a much more efficient manner. Brainy…

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11/11/13 – Has it really been 2 years!


It has been quite a while since my last post. I thought an update was in order. Sean just celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday. Today marks 2 years and 1 month since they removed his tumor. He is now 6’5 and around 190lbs. We tease him that all those steroids stunted his growth. It’s funny,…

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4/11/12 – 6 months…

Hi everyone, Today was our 6 month mile maker!So, I am sure you guys want to know, where is Sean now (I mean besides taller and heavier)…. His last MRI was at 3 months (late December) and it came out as expected (clear) and we will go for another one in June. He accomplished all…

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1/4/12 – But there is good news too…

Why is it that when we are in the hospital Sean always wakes up at 6am?! Been at CHOA since yesterday….he woke up around 1am yesterday with a stomach bug and by 3am we were in the ER to get IV fluids and meds because he couldn’t keep his steroids down. They ended up making…

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