Investing in Education is a Smart Move for Entrepreneurs

2019-03-07 Investing in Education is a Smart Move for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for an opportunity in a growing sector while making a positive contribution to your local community? Becoming a licensee with Brainy Bytes is the investment you have been looking for to start a rewarding and profitable career. Here’s why:

The rise of edtech and child-oriented businesses makes this the perfect time to invest with a reputable education company like Brainy Bytes. It’s reported that revenue from the United States education market will reach $2,040 billion by 2026. With the future of education changing and parents realizing their children need strong STEM skills in order to be accepted into competitive colleges, now is the time to offer an independent STEM curriculum in your community.

Variety of Opportunities in Education

While a traditional role such as being a teacher for the public school system isn’t for everyone, being a licensed business owner with an education company like Brainy Bytes can be. Entrepreneurs with a variety of backgrounds can become a licensee without a teaching degree or certification. If you are a driven leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, a partnership with Brainy Bytes allows you the freedom to tailor your offered curriculum for students in grades K through 12 based on your community needs and schedule. Courses can be offered during after-school and home-school programs, weekend workshops, and parties or camps that are available year-round.

Access to Exclusive Content

With the in-depth process that comes along with starting your own business, licensing with an established education company allows you to have access to the educational materials that you need in order to succeed. Course materials and comprehensive (yet optional) business training designed for both professionals new to the education industry and those with an extensive background in education are included in your Brainy Bytes business package. Licensees can also use the Brainy Bytes brand name, logo, trademark and marketing, and promotional templates to promote their business.

Lower Risk with Higher Reward

While starting your own business can be a risky career move financially, becoming a licensee with Brainy Bytes lowers the investment costs of a traditional education startup or franchise model while allowing you to enjoy the rewards of running your own company. With a licensed Brainy Bytes location, you’ll see fast ROI while avoiding pricey startup fees. And best of all, our business model doesn’t require you to own a brick and mortar location!

If you are interested in learning more about a great opportunity to run your own business while making a difference in children’s lives, schedule your free consultation with Brainy Bytes today!

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