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Since 2010, Brainy Bytes has introduced thousands of children to technology with fun and innovative lesson plans that can't be found anywhere else. Our unique, technology-driven lesson plans focus not only on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) but also language and creative arts.

Experience for yourself our innovative, project-based programs that encourage critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. WE ARE STEM and we know how to ignite a passion for learning in your child, student and community.

Whether you're a PARENT looking for programs in your area, an ENTREPRENEUR wanting to make a difference, or an EDUCATOR seeking STEM resources, Brainy Bytes can meet your needs.

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Strengthen your future and your neighborhood by becoming a Brainy Bytes Licensee.

We have taken our 9 years of experience as a reputable source for STEM education and created a sound, proven and replicable business structure for other business-minded individuals.

Enjoy the support of a company with years of experience in the education industry as you provide a sought after service to the schools and families of your community. Our business licensing program will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to build your business and start helping kids plugged into creativity!

Available STEM Programs



You've been playing Minecraft for years, now it is time to take the next step. Whether you just want to up your gaming skills or learn the code needed to alter and control the world around you... we have your Minecraft course!

Lego Movie & Comic Book

Lego Movie & Comic Book

Bring LEGOs to life creating movies and comic books.  Learn stop-motion movie making with photo capturing and editing software. Create your own comic book with LEGOs and storybook software. It's a LEGO storytelling overload!

Robot & Drone

Robot & Drone Programming

Using the LEGO and Ozobot robotic systems, Brainy Bytes introduces a whole new way to look at robotics and test your programming skills. Can your team meet the challenge and create a robot to master your assigned task? Or perhaps you would like to take to the sky! Leave the remote control behind and hone your coding skills with programmable land/sky drones. Multiple courses and levels to choose from.

Video Game Design

Video Game Design

Take your game creation skills to the next level. Your imagination is the limit as you use GameMaker software to create maze, arcade, physics-based and other types of games. Multiple courses and levels to choose from.



Our coding and STEM camps are perfect intros to critical thinking & fundamental programming skills! With kid-friendly, tablet-based and computer-based software you can create exciting games, animations and more. Multiple courses and levels to choose from.

3D Creation

3D Creation

Tired of the 2D world? Let us show you how to master the world of 3D. Create and print your own 3D objects and animate your own 3D movies in this fun and challenging camp.

Cultivate Potential

We understand the importance of cultivating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) skills to encourage higher achievments.

Use Critical Thinking

Our challenging one-of-a-kind lesson plans are specifically created to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving & teamwork skills.

Foster Skills

Each course feed effortlessly into the next, allowing students to "level-up" their abilities and learn valuable STEM skills they can carry with them throughout their academic career.

Have fun!

Our highly trained and qualified instructors are experts at making STEM learning fun and creating environments that nurture creativity and collaboration.

What Our Students Are Saying:

My daughter took your after-school Brainy Bytes™ Game Creation class at Tritt Elementary in Fall 2014. I wanted you to know that she entered her game in the Piedmont Technology Competition held this past Saturday in Cherokee County. She won 2nd place in her age group (3/4 grade). She loved the class, and we thank you for giving her the skills she needed to be successful in the competition.

I just wanted to say....WOW! My son had a great time today and I am amazed at how much he learned in one day. He came home and showed us how much he had done in just one lesson. WHAT A GREAT CLASS!! - C.F. Woodstock

My son begs to go to your classes! - K.T. Atlanta

My daughter enjoyed the guidance received from the instructor and loved that the group was small and she got to know all the kids. - Canton

Thank you, Mr. Larry, for teaching me an awesome class! - p.s. the sumo challenge was awesome!!

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