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Why License?

Advantages of Licensing:

  • Lower startup cost. The exorbitant fees of most franchise opportunities can be daunting and make business ownership impossible for some.
  • Same commitment and support. You will enjoy the benefits of a seasoned and dedicated staff that is just as focused on your growth as those companies charging twice as much. We will work with you before you sign to research and analyze the best territory for you.
  • More flexibility over YOUR business. Unlike a franchise, we are committed to your success but we are not going to tell you how to run your business. You are encouraged to grow in a way that best suits you and your community.
  • Comprehensive training is still available. We know people with all levels of experience look to start a business. Some will need all-inclusive guidance and training; others will be ready to go on their own. We do not think training should be a required part of your business package (and ultimately raising the cost of that package). If you want to take advantage of an extensive training program which introduces proven business techniques unique to our industry, including marketing to schools and organizations, hiring and training your staff and more, we can direct you to providers we work very closely with and who have wide-spread experience in our industry and specialize in business startup consulting.
franchise vs licensee

Why pay more?

Brainy Bytes is committed to providing the best opportunity for business ownership in our industry at a reasonable and fair investment to the business owner.